How to Recharge the Air in a Sable

by Richard Ristow

Although a Mercury Sable's air conditioner does not actively consume freon, it will eventually leak out over time. If the Sable's freon diminishes enough, the air conditioner will continue to work, but it will not provide cool air. Recharging the Sable's freon is a relatively simple task. Like all vehicles manufactured after 1994, it uses R134a freon, and recharging kits can easily be located at most automotive retailers. The system can be recharged in a home garage.

Step 1

Locate the low side service connector within the Sable's engine compartment. You will find this connector on the aluminum tube coming out of the air compressor. Remove the dust cap.

Step 2

Lock the Mercury Sable's R134a kit coupler onto the low side service connector. The coupler should easily snap into place onto the connector. If it significantly resists, double check the recharging kit you have bought. R12 freon kits will not fit R134a systems, and R12 will harm a R134a system if installed.

Step 3

Set the R134a down and move to the driver's seat. Turn the engine on and let it idle to its usual running temperature. Turn on the Sable's air conditioner and turn its controls to the coldest and highest fan settings. Before returning to the engine compartment and the recharging kit, roll down all the windows. If cold air builds up within the Sable, the air system may shut itself off.

Step 4

Release freon into the Sable's air conditioner by turning the R134a's nozzle atop the container. Allow the freon to flow into the system for one minute.

Step 5

Shut off the freon flow and let the system to circulate for one minute, then add freon in one minute intervals.

Step 6

Monitor the pressure gauge on the R134a kit. The gauge will indicate when the system is fully charged. However, if you need another means of confirmation, place a thermometer into a the Mercury Sable's central air conditioning duct. A charged system generates refrigerated air at 40 degrees. If the weather is unusually hot, then a charged system's internal temperature could read between 40 and 60 degrees.

Step 7

Remove the R134a kit's coupler from the low side service connector. Allow the engine and the air conditioner to run for 10 to 15 minutes, as this will let the new R134a freon circulate fully. Then, shut the engine and air conditioner off.

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