How to Receive a Totally Free Car VIN Report

by Editorial Team

Researching a number of used cars? You should get a free VIN report on each before you buy a used car history report. This allows you to screen the used cars for thefts, flood damage and salvage titles. A free VIN report is totally free and when you find a car that has been stolen, you won't have to buy the full car history. Just move on to the next car.

Step 1

Find your car VIN number which is stamped onto the dashboard right under the windshield. Then copy it down. Or, take it from a document like the car registration, classified ad, dealer's website or from the private seller.

Step 2

Go to a website that offers a free VIN check report like NICB, or one of the affiliate sites that offer both a free car history and a VIN check together. See references below.

Step 3

Enter the VIN number into the appropriate box for your VIN report. Make sure you have the right button clicked that requests the VIN check.

Step 4

Review the VIN report to make sure no thefts or salvage titles have been issued. If so, move to the next car and check this in the same way. If not purchase the complete vehicle history to make sure no accidents or additional incidents have been reported.

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