How to Read a VIN Number on Your Jeep

by Sabah Karimi

The VIN number on the Jeep is comprised of 17 digits that when decoded, provides information about where the Jeep was assembled, the engine size and other important identifying information. The VIN number is stamped inside various parts of the vehicle to prevent theft and fraud; it is typically found on a tin plate on the driver's side firewall, on the dash or inside the windshield depending on the year and model of your Jeep. You can learn more about your Jeep by decoding each digit and referencing a Jeep VIN reference chart.

Step 1

Locate a Jeep reference chart. VIN number interpretations vary depending on the year and model of the Jeep. Visit to locate the chart for your particular vehicle.

Step 2

Decode the first and second characters. These refer to the chassis of the vehicle and consist of two-digit codes that identify a Universal, Jeepster or other type of chassis.

Step 3

Decode the third and fourth characters. These refer to the body style of the vehicle and consist of two-digit codes that identify a Convertible, Open Body, Tuxedo Park Mark, Fire Engine or other body style.

Step 4

Decode the fifth character. This may be a digit or letter of the alphabet that identifies any special models of the body style. This includes codes for a Station Wagon, Pick-up, Smog or Roadster Open Body, among others.

Step 5

Decode the sixth character. This is the drive code and is represented by a number that indicates left-hand drive, right-hand drive or left-hand drive California.

Step 6

Decode the seventh character. This is the engine code for a Jeep and indicates the type of engine (F4, V6 or other), with or without emission.

Step 7

Review the serial number. The last six digits are the vehicle's Sequential Serial Number (SSN), and are unique to each vehicle.

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