How to Put a Winch Cable on a Warn Winch

by Tara Kimball
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Installing a winch cable on your Warn winch is a quick and easy process. You can install the new winch cable in a matter of minutes. Whether you are installing the factory standard line or upgrading to a synthetic line, the process is the same. The winch will do most of the work for you. Use caution when spooling the cable to ensure that hands and clothing remain safely away from the winch drum.

Step 1

Thread the winch cable through the fair-lead on the front of your Warn winch, and be sure that it will roll from the base of the drum when spooling.

Step 2

Thread the cable retention bolt through the eyelet on your winch cable and into the drum. This will secure your winch cable to the drum before you roll the cable completely into place. Securely tighten the retention bolt with a wrench. Do not over-tighten the bolt, or you will risk stripping the threads.

Step 3

Unwind your winch cable so that it is running in a straight line. Secure the end of the winch cable to an extra vehicle or post. Place your transmission in neutral to allow your vehicle to roll while you slowly winch the line in to roll it onto the drum.

Step 4

Spool the line onto the drum in tight loops. Be sure that the cable is wound as closely as possible on the drum. Roll the entire winch line onto the drum in layers, being careful to keep the cable from being tangled.

Step 5

Unhook the cable from the vehicle or post you anchored to once most of the line is on the drum. Spool the remaining line onto the drum.

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