How to Put Freon in My PT Cruiser

by David Montoya
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There are some features in you car that you probably take for granted. If it's a hot summer day, a flick of a switch will get the air conditioner running. But what if you turn on your air conditioner and only feel the fan? The problem is probably a lack of freon in the air conditioning system. Adding freon to your car is not as hard as it may seem. You'll just need to buy a can of this chemical cooling agent from your local auto store and know where to add it when you lift up the hood to your PT Cruiser.

Step 1

Turn on your PT Cruiser and turn the air conditioner to the high setting.

Step 2

Open up the hood and locate the service fittings on the AC lines. You are specifically looking for the low-side fitting. It is located between the accumulator and the compressor. If you're having problems locating it, check your owner's manual. The low-side fitting should be easy to identify. It is the only fitting that will fit your freon can.

Step 3

Turn the valve on your freon can for several seconds to release the air inside. Close it back up afterward.

Step 4

Attach the freon fitting to the low-side fitting, and turn the valve on the freon can. This will feed freon from the can to your AC system. Do this while holding the freon can upright.

Remove the freon can from the low-side fitting and close all valves when the can has been used. Your AC system in your PT Cruiser should be as good as new.


  • Try using a freon can with a built in pressure gauge for added accuracy.
  • You should try to utilize your owner's manual. It will have an illustration of your engine and will show your where the low-side fittings are located.


  • Never add freon to the high-side fitting on your AC system. Your freon can will not be able to fit the high-side fitting, and attempting to do this can cause the can to explode. If your freon can does not fit inside the fitting, do not make it fit. You may have found the wrong fitting.

Items you will need

  • Freon
  • Gloves
  • Goggles

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