How to Put Freon in a 1994 Ford Explorer

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After many years, the cooling system in your Ford Explorer will begin to blow out warm air. If this happens, it is time to replenish the system with new R-134a refrigerant. 1994 Explorers take the new R-134a refrigerant, not R-12 or freon. This is better for the environment and for you. You can buy a can of R-134 at you local hardware store and put it in yourself, while you need a special permit to carry freon.

Step 1

Start the engine, and let it run while you are filling your cooling system. Place the hose and gauge on the bottle of R-134a.

Step 2

Open the hood of the Explorer, and find the low-pressure fitting on the accumulator. There are two fittings: a low- and a high-pressure fitting. The low-pressure fitting is on the accumulator at the back of the engine compartment and on the passenger's side. The high-pressure fitting is near the battery on the driver's side. The low-pressure fitting is smaller than the high-pressure fitting.

Step 3

Listen to engine to hear whether the compressor is running. If it is not running, and does not start running as you fill the system with refrigerant, you could pressurize your system too much and damage your air conditioner.

Step 4

Take the cap off the low-pressure fitting, and put it in a safe place. Shake the bottle of refrigerant for one minute, and place the end of the hose on the low-pressure fitting. Press the button on the can to release the refrigerant and fill your system.

Step 5

Watch the gauge, and do not overfill the system. If the compressor was not on, listen for it to engage. If the compressor does not engage, stop filling the system with refrigerant, and take your car to a mechanic.

Take the hose off the low-pressure fitting when you have filled the system and the gauge reads "Full". Replace the cap on the low-pressure fitting, and shut the hood.

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