How to Refill Air Conditioning in a Chrysler Sebring

by Oliver George

If your Chrysler Sebring air conditioning unit is blowing warm air, the problem may be a small one that you can easily fix. By recharging the air conditioning with refrigerant, you may get the system working again.

Step 1

Turn on the ignition and put on the air conditioner. Place the temperature at its coldest setting and the speed at its maximum setting.

Step 2

Check the pressure of the system with an automotive air conditioner pressure gauge. This gauge can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

Step 3

Connect the refill hose to the low pressure side of the system. The connectors to the low and high pressure sides are different sizes, so the hose will fit only on one side. The correct one is located on the firewall in the driver's side of the car and is marked with "L" or "LOW."

Step 4

Fill the air conditioning system with refrigerant by slowly opening the valve. A single can will take around 10 minutes to fully empty. You may need to add more than one can to fully refill the system. If you are unsure, remember that it is always better to underfill than overfill the system.

Step 5

Close the valve and remove the hose.

Step 6

Run the air conditioning for 20 minutes to let the refrigerant work its way through the entire system.

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