How to Purchase a GM Extended Warranty

by Heather Topham Wood

When you buy a new car, you likely will want to protect the purchase for as long as possible. Most people that purchase new or used vehicles from General Motors will have the option to sign up for the GM extended warranty plan. The GM extended warranty coverage is known as the GM Protection Plan and available through GM dealers.

In order to buy GM extended warranty coverage you need to visit a dealer. To locate a dealer, you can use the search feature found on the General Motors website.

Choose the level of coverage that you want for your GM extended warranty plan. For cars, you can choose between Basic, Value and Major Protection Plans. The Basic plan is the lowest cost plan and will only cover mechanical issues in the engine, transmission, fuel system and drive assemblies. The Value coverage includes Basic coverage and adds parts and labor for major systems within the GM vehicle. The Major plan will cover all components of your GM vehicle.

Determine the deductible you want on you GM extended warranty plan. A higher deductible will keep the retail price down. Deductible choices range from $0 to $200 for each use of the coverage.

Decide on the number of years that you wish to maintain the GM Protection Plan coverage. To do this, you need to anticipate the number of years you plan to own the vehicles. On average, vehicle owners will sign up for the extended warranty for 3 to 5 years.

Include the extended warranty plan from GM into your car payments. If you are financing the car, you can roll the coverage into your loan amount.

Sign the contracts for the GM extended warranty coverage at the dealership. The terms of your plan will be listed on your copy. Save this information for your records.


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