How to Pull the S10 Engine

by Don Bowman
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When pulling an S10 engine, the proper equipment should be used with caution. The engine is heavy and will need to be lifted approximately 5 feet high to clear the radiator support. This makes moving the engine by the lift difficult at best. The proper chain and bolts must be used to ensure that it does not break. The best way to remove the engine is to lift the engine and move the vehicle from under the engine as opposed to moving the lift. When the transmission is disconnected from the engine it will tip down and possibly drop the torque converter out. It should be supported with the floor jack until a support chain can be placed under the transmission to keep it level.

Step 1

Raise and support the truck on jack stands. Disconnect both battery terminals. Drain the engine oil. Disconnect the gear shift linkage, using a wrench.

Step 2

Remove the torque converter cover by removing the bolts with the appropriate socket. Remove all the torque converter to flexplate bolts, using a combination of wrench and socket. Remove the starter, using a ratchet to remove the two bolts.

Step 3

Unplug all electrical connectors from the transmission. Remove all the bolts in the bellhousing, using a socket. Wedge a block of wood between the transmission tailhousing and the floor boards so the transmission will not tip nose down when the engine is removed.

Step 4

Lower the truck. Drain the radiator at the petcock. Remove the upper and lower radiator hose, using the screwdriver. Remove the screws in the fan shroud, using a socket. Remove the four bolts securing the fan to the water pump. Lift the fan and shroud out of the vehicle at the same time.

Step 5

Remove the throttle linkage and the transmission kickdown cable from the side of the throttle body or carburetor. Remove the fuel line, using a wrench. Remove all the vacuum lines, including the brake booster hose, by pulling them off.

Step 6

Remove the carburetor or throttle body, using a wrench to remove the nuts. Remove the motor mount bolts, using a socket. Remove the exhaust manifold bolts, using a socket.

Step 7

Remove the electrical wiring from the back of the alternator and lay it aside so it does not interfere with removing the engine. Remove the oil pressure gauge and the coolant temperature gauge wiring connectors. Remove the distributor hold down nut, using a wrench. Disconnect the electrical connector on the distributor.

Step 8

Disconnect all the spark plug wires from the spark plugs and lift the distributor out of the intake manifold complete with wires. Disconnect any wires that are attached to the frame and engine. Go over the engine, looking for anything that will interfere with the removal of the engine. If anything is still connected from the engine to the frame, disconnect it.

Step 9

Attach the engine hoist to the engine, using the chain and placing one bolt in the driver's side front of the cylinder head just below the valve cover. Place the back bolt on the rear opposite side of the motor again just under the backside of the valve cover. Lift out the motor.

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