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How to Program a Keyless Entry Remote for a Chevy Monte Carlo

by Stephen Ip

Replacement remotes for models of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo equipped with power door locks and a keyless entry system can be purchased from the dealership or online. Factory branded remotes purchased from the Chevrolet dealership can be programmed by the dealer at the time of purchase but will be more expensive. Replacement remotes purchased online will require the vehicle owner to perform the programming.

Step 1

Insert the key in the ignition and turn the key to the "acc" or "on" position. Turn the car radio off by pressing the "POWER" button. Press and hold the "DISP" button on the radio for approximately 5 seconds until "SETTINGS" is displayed on the LCD screen. Press the "SEEK UP" button on the radio until "FOB PROG" is displayed on the LCD screen.

Step 2

Press the "NEXT" button on the radio to access the programming submenu. The first option displayed in the submenu will be BEGIN. Press the "DISP" button on the radio with the BEGIN option chosen to enter remote programming mode, at which time the words "PUSH FOB" will flash on the LCD screen.

Step 3

Press and hold the "lock" and "unlock" buttons simultaneously on the remote to be programmed for 15 seconds. A chime will sound, indicating that the remote was programmed successfully. Repeat for additional remotes that need programming. A total of four remotes can be programmed for the vehicle.

Exit remote programming mode by pressing the "SEEK UP" button on the radio until "EXIT" is displayed on the LCD screen. Press the "DISP" button on the radio and wait for a chime to sound, indicating that programming is complete. Test each remote by using it to cycle the power door locks of the vehicle.


  • Since entering programming mode resets the lock code for the vehicle, older working remotes need to be reprogrammed when programming new replacement remotes.

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