How to Program a Boa Key Fob

by Elizabeth Falwell

Boa is one of the brand names under the parent company Directed Electronics, or "DEI." The Boa brand makes several models of key fobs. The 165B model is a remote starter, while the 265B model incorporates the remote starter with a keyless entry system. The steps for programming are the same for both models.

Step 1

Disarm your vehicle's factory-installed alarm, if applicable. On most vehicles, this can be done by simply pressing the "Off" or "Disarm" button on the alarm. The alarm systems on some vehicles may be incompatible with the Boa keyless systems. To see if your vehicle's alarm will need to be bypassed before programming, visit the Interface Module Look-Up on the Boa website (see Resource section).

Step 2

Move about 4 feet from your vehicle. The Boa product guide recommends this distance between the key fob and the rest of the system -- any closer, and the remote might not program correctly.

Step 3

Turn on the vehicle's ignition.

Step 4

Wait 5 seconds.

Step 5

Press the "Prog" (program) button on your transmitter. Continue holding the button until your vehicle's parking lights flash twice, signifying that the programming process has worked.

Step 6

Program a second transmitter immediately after programming the first. Keep the vehicle turned on, press the "Prog" button on the second transmitter until the vehicle's parking lights blink twice.

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