Problems With the Cruise Control on a Ford Escape

by Jen Davis
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Cruise control can be a great feature on a vehicle, unless it does not work properly or causes other problems with the car. The Ford Escape SUV has a history of cruise control system problems. Parts of the cruise control system for the 2001 through 2004 Ford Escape have been recalled by Ford. Several problems can occur with the Escape's cruise control system.

Stuck Speed Control Cable

Escapes manufactured between 2002 and 2004 equipped with the 3.0-liter V6 engine might experience a problem with the speed control cable getting stuck in position and preventing the vehicle from slowing back to an idle. This problem lengthens the vehicle's stopping distance. A stuck speed control cable has the potential to cause serious accidents.

Faulty Speed Control Cable Components

Ford recalled a number of 2001 Escapes because the servo cap locating tab on the speed-control cable has a tendency to crack or fall off. The locating tab can enter the clutch cavity and cause problems with the speed control's inner clutch system. Also, water can reach the exposed parts of the cable and cause corrosion believed to be partially responsible for the speed control cable getting stuck in place in these vehicles.

Other Cruise Control Problems

According to the Washington Post, Ford has recalled approximately 10 million vehicles for cruise control system problems in the last decade. The cruise control switch in Ford vehicles has been repeatedly noted for malfunctioning in various ways. The most notable cruise control recall was caused by the cruise control deactivation switch failing to deactivate, overheating and causing the vehicle to catch fire. Though the Escape was not included in this recall, there have been reports that both the Escape and the Mazda Tribute (its mechanical twin) mysteriously catching fire.

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