How to Prevent Automobile Dents From Rusting

by Nicole LaMarco
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Preventing automobile dents from rusting is quite easy, but you have to fix the dent immediately to avoid any problems. Rust forms from dents because the protective coating on the paint has been damaged. That allows rain, salt, sand and other debris to affect the metal, causing rust. To keep your automobile looking great and at its top value, prevent rusting.

Step 1

Straighten the dent as well as possible. The dent needs to be popped out so it is back to its original shape and form. You can do this with a dent removal kit, which contains glue and a plastic adapter. Find the middle of the dent and apply the glue and the plastic adapter. Attach the pulling tool and pull until the dent is gone.

Step 2

Use a sander to completely remove all of the paint on the area where the dent was (plus an additional inch around it). You should see the bare metal now. Fill this bare metal with body filler and keep the shape of the automobile. Allow the body fill to dry completely before continuing work.

Step 3

Use a block sander to sand the area. Use between 36 and 120 grit sandpaper. Start with the 36 grit sandpaper and end with the 120 grit sandpaper, slowly working through the other grits in between. Sanding takes patience and a good eye to make sure you are keeping with the original shape of the automobile.

Step 4

Spray primer on the entire area and allow to dry completely. Repeat this process six times. The primer can be a little scratchy, so you need to do some more sanding to make it smooth. Use a 600 grit block sander. Wet the sand paper in warm water and sand until the area is smooth. You are only sanding it to remove the scratchiness.

Step 5

Finish the process with paint. The best way to get an exact match to your car's color (factory paint) is to buy the paint from your car dealer. The Auto Color Library website below can help you find an exact match to the paint on your car. Use the color code to buy paint from the dealership and paint it on with a 4-inch paintbrush. Sand again carefully to smooth it out. Finish with a clear coat to protect the paint.

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