Directions for Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty

by C.L. Rease

Cured body filler can contain small imperfections including thin cracks, air bubbles and indentations. Filling small imperfections without applying another coat of body filler requires a one part, thin-application-style putty. Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty allows you to use the amount of putty needed for a project without the guesswork involved with sectioning out and mixing body filler. This results in less wasted material from your project.

Step 1

Sand the surface of the damaged area with 600-grit sandpaper. Wipe sanding dust from the area with a clean rag. Make sure the rag does not contain oil or grease.

Step 2

Squeeze a two inch long line of Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty onto the thin blade of a plastic putty applicator. Drag the plastic putty applicator across the damaged area to spread the glazing spot putty. Smooth the putty on the damaged area.

Step 3

Allow the putty to cure for 30 minutes or until hard to the touch.

Step 4

Blend the putty into the damaged area by sanding it with 200-grit sandpaper. Wipe sanding dust from the blended putty.

Step 5

Run a bare hand across the repair. Apply additional spot putty if needed to create a smooth surface.

Hold the nozzle of an aerosol spray can eight inches from the surface of the repair. Spray an even coat of primer on the repaired area.

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