Personalized License Plate Ideas

by Kay Ireland
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A personalized vanity license plate says a lot about you, your personality and your car. It's a great way to customize your ride so it's truly yours. Regular license plates are boring, so make your car stand out with a fitting personalized license plate that is unique to you and you car.

Nickames and Hobbies

Some who get personalized license plates choose to get ones that reflect their hobbies or a nickname. Someone who is in love with football could choose something like "NFL LVR" to proclaim their love for the National Football League. Someone who plays a guitar in a band might use "GTR GUY. .You can also use a nickname given to you by your friends and family. Think about an interesting trait that you have, and use that as a theme. If the license plate you want has already been taken by someone, add a favorite number on the end, like "CRVET-7".

Family Characteristics

If the car you want the personalized license plates for is your family car, choose a plate that speaks of your family characteristics, or a funny family inside joke. A family with all male children could have a "BOYSRUS" license plate, while one with all girls could have a "GRLMBL" or girl-mobile. You could also get a license plate that speaks to why you bought the car or how you feel about it, like "2MNYKDS" for too many kids or "DADSRYD" (dad's ride) for the dad who sacrificed his car for a minivan. Think about your family dynamics and use it as fodder for a personalized license plate.

Statement Plates

Do you feel like you have a statement to tell the world? Then do it with a personalized license plate. You could have a short statement like "IM4U2NV" if you think other people would be envious of your car. Or "26Y4U," which proclaims you are too sexy for everyone else. Have fun with your personalized license plate, and remember that it is just that; personalized. You should choose something unique to you, your attitude and your circumstances.

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