How to Find a Person Free With Their License Plate Number

by Joanne Cichetti
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It is possible to obtain the name and contact details of a person using just his license plate number. This kind of information comes in handy if somebody has fled after hitting your car and you have written down the license plate number. If you know the state where the license plate number has originated, tracking this information is quite simple.

Step 1

Get the information together. You need to have complete plate number along with the state. You will not be able to locate the person with partial information or car description.

Step 2

Contact your state’s department of motor vehicles, abbreviated as DMV. If the license plate’s state is different from yours, contact the DMV of that state government (see Resources for its website). Each state’s laws and procedures are different.

Step 3

Submit a request application for obtaining public records. You can find this application at state offices, or even through your state government’s website. The procedure of obtaining information and waiting time varies from state to state.

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