Performance Tips for a Yamaha Road Star

by Jamie Rankin
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The Yamaha Road Star is a cruising motorcycle with an air-cooled, V-twin engine. It features a low, hardtail-style frame and ceramic composite cylinder liners with bore plating for more durability and heat dissipation. The electronic fuel injection system and electric starting system are designed to make sure the engine starts easily under just about any conditions, and the hydraulic valve lifters are driven by twin cam shafts to provide low maintenance and high performance. There are a few other ways to boost the performance of your Yamaha Road Star.

Dyno Tuning

Have your Road Star put on a dynamometer. Dyno takes measurements and makes adjustments to a motorcycle's ignition system, fuel system and air supply to maximize torque and horsepower. It is a detailed examination and can take several hours for a professional to complete, but it can have a big impact on performance results.

Air Intake System

Equipping your Yamaha Road Star with a higher-performance air intake system means your engine draws in a higher volume of air, and will most likely be cooler air. When that cooler, more oxygenated air fills your combustion chamber, your fuel burns more efficiently, giving you more power. You'll notice better throttle response in addition to the improved fuel economy.

Proper Maintenance

This seems like an easy answer, but it works. If you want to get the most out of your Road Star, take care of it properly. Check your tires to be sure they are properly inflated because under-inflated tires result in faster wear. When changing your oil, be sure you are using a synthetic or semi-synthetic, motorcycle-specific oil. Make sure your chain and cables are properly lubed and adjusted for more horsepower and better handling.

Hard Driving

Hard driving is the technique of driving as fast as possible, using every bit of extra performance your bike has given you. This is something you want to avoid if you want the maximum performance from your Yamaha Road Star. Though it is tempting to see just what your motorcycle is capable of, even on a short trip, you risk using up your increased gas mileage and all the other benefits you have gotten.

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