Performance Tips for a Honda Magna

by Alexis Writing

Some Magna owners want more performance from their motorcycles than simple preventative maintenance and care can give them. There are numerous upgrades to help you get additional performance from your Honda Magna. However, you need to know how to care for the bike properly and choose the right performance upgrades to make the most of your Magna.

Oil and Filters

The type of oil and oil filter you choose to use can affect the overall performance of your motorcycle. How often you change the oil can enhance the performance of your Magna as well. The standard Honda-made oil filter has no bypass valve, a valve that is anti-drainback, and a filter with 2.575-inch long 12-felt pleats over a plastic frame. However, other options exist. For example,choosing an option with a bypass valve and a longer filter over a steel frame can help to increase performance. Regardless of which oil and filter you use, you should also make sure to have your oil changed around every 3,000 or 4,000 miles.

Battery Care and Maintenance

Battery care and maintenance is also important to keep your Honda Magna performing properly. The battery for some Honda Magnas requires that you check the water level. However, other Magna batteries are sealed and checking the water level is not necessary. To determine if you should check your battery, review the manual that came with it. For best performance and to ensure your battery does not go dead, you should replace the battery every three to four years, whether or not it seems like it needs it. When the bike is not being used, such as in the winter during inclement weather, you should start up your Magna and let it run until the engine fan comes on to ensure your battery remains operational.

Muffler Mods

Modifying the muffler is one option to increase the performance of your Honda Magna. Modifying the muffler not only can make your motorcycle sound much different, but it can also increase the horsepower of the engine when done correctly. Modifying the muffler is a relatively simple task and it does not involve purchasing a new muffler or exhaust tips for your bike. To mod the muffler and increase horsepower, take off the muffler faceplates in the back by removing the rivets, cut off the baffles, and put the faceplate back on with new rivets. In addition to increasing the horsepower of the engine, performing this modification will also keep you from having to rejet the carburetor.

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