How to Park on a Hill

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The image of parking automobiles in roller-coaster cities like San Francisco gives many people chills. The task itself is simple, and certain precautions can ensure that your car will remain where you left it, and not several miles down.

Pull into a parking space. Whenever possible, park perpendicular to the hill.

Park parallel to the curb if you must park parallel to the hill. Use your brakes gratuitously while accomplishing this.

Turn the steering wheel toward the curb if the car is facing downhill. The front part of the front tire should be turned into the curb.

Turn the wheel away from the curb if the car is facing uphill. The back of the front tire should be turned into the curb.

Put the car in park. For manual transmissions, leave the car in gear.

Set the parking brake.

Lift your foot off the brake. If the car slips, park again closer to the curb and reset the wheels against the curb.


  • check Turn the wheels all the way into the curb, as far as they'll go.

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