How to Park a Car in a Parking Space

by Shaunta Alburger
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Parking a car in a parking space, also called angle parking, is an important skill for any driver to master. Safe parking in a parking spot, as well as pulling out of a parking spot, will be required during a driver's test. So it's worth knowing how to do it, and worth doing right. And it can be a little harder than it looks, especially for a beginner driver.

Step 1

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Stay as far to the opposite side of the driving lane from the parking spot as possible before beginning the parking procedure.

Step 2

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Approach the parking spot at a speed of no more than 5 mph.

Step 3

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Begin to turn the wheel toward the parking spot when your line of sight is even with the painted parking spot lines. Pull fully into the spot, making sure to stay between the painted lines. Do not park too close to either line or you may not be able to open your car doors without hitting the car next to you. Attempt to park your car centered between the painted lines.

Step 4

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Straighten the car wheels as the hood of your car nears the front of the parking spot.

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Back out of the space again by pulling straight back until the hood of your car is even with the back bumper of the cars next to you. Turn the wheel in the direction you want the back end of your car to go and continue in reverse slowly. As you enter the driving lane, turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction you've been steering, and then straighten out once you're moving forward.

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