How to Find Out the Color of Your Car

by SeanButler
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If you're looking to touch up the paint on your car, you need to find out what type of paint it is, and the exact name of the color. Luckily, most vehicles have a sticker that features important manufacturer's details, including the alphanumeric code that specifies your paint color.

Step 1

Park your vehicle in a driveway, or any other place where you can safely stand next to it with no risk of being struck by other cars. Open the driver's side door.

Step 2

Examine the inside edge of the door. You should see a sticker from the manufacturer. If the sticker is not there, consult the car's manual to figure out where it is. It could also be in the trunk or the glove box, or under the hood.

Step 3

Read the sticker carefully, and write down the alphanumeric code or name of the paint. Be careful not to confuse this code with other codes and numbers that appear on the sticker, such as tire pressure capacities and vehicle dimensions. The code you need should be specifically identified by a term like "Paint Code" or "Color Code."

Step 4

Give the paint code to an auto body repairperson, who will be able to tell you what kind of paint it is.

Step 5

If you can't find a paint code, write down the Vehicle Information Number (VIN) and contact the manufacturer, who should have the color information on record.

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