How to Operate Defrost on a BMW

by Editorial Team

Foreign cars can be a little tricky to understand when it comes to the dashboard layout. They are not known for user friendly operation, which can make even the simplest function a little confusing to operate. Here's some instruction on how to operate the defrost option on a BMW.

Step 1

Above the radio, locate the symbol or drawing on the button that resembles a windshield. Once you have located the button push it and it should illuminate. In models from the early '90's to 1999 there will be a knob. In the 2000-2008 models, there will be a button.

Step 2

Once you push the button, you have activated the windshield defrost option. In models from the early '90's to 1999 you will have a knob. In this case point the line on the knob towards the symbol of the windshield.

Step 3

Once you do this, find the dial that shows the temperature of the desired air flow. With this feature, you can control the desired temperature, whether you need warm or cold air to blow on the windshield.

Step 4

Locate the button or knob that is used to control the level of the airflow. Again, this will depend on the year of BMW. Adjust the level of airflow that you desire. You will see any fog on the window start to dissipate rapidly. If it does not start to evaporate, try using the opposite temperature that is blowing.

Step 5

Turn the dial to the color blue which represents cold air. Any fog that is on the window should evaporate. If the problem persists, spin the dial to red. This will make warm air flow through the vents, and should solve the problem

Step 6


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