How to Open a Jammed Car Door

by Sam Orr
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Trying to get a door opened in your vehicle that is jammed can be an aggravating and frustrating experience. Car doors can get jammed in a number of ways, from articles getting stuck and jamming the lock or from an accident. Everyone wants their vehicle to work properly.

Step 1

Using your coat hanger, go through any opened window of the vehicle and slide the hanger between the interior window and the interior door. You will have to reshape the coat hanger with your hand to get the shape you need for this. Make a hook on one end that goes into the car, leaving the other end strait.

Step 2

Slide the coat hanger up and down near the rear of the window panel in an attempt to hook the door leaver. Once you feel tension on the hook, pull up on the hanger releasing the door assembly. In some cases this won't work and the door panel will need to be removed.

Step 3

Remove the interior door panel by using the pliers to loosen the securing tabs on the corners of the interior door. Now remove the rod connecting the interior and exterior door handles off using the pliers. That rod comes loose from one end or the other.

Use the WD-40 to lubricate the internal gears of the door and replace the rod. Also replace the interior door panel. This should allow for better functionality of the door and prevent any mechanical snags in the assembly.

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