How to Open a Gas Tank Door on a Toyota

by Marlo Peterson
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Depending on the year and model, your Toyota will have either automatic or manual methods for opening the gas tank. It's a simple process either way. Underneath the door is a gas cap. Some are attached, and some can be unscrewed and taken out. Once the tank door is open and the cap lifted off, the gas nozzle is inserted into the tank so gasoline can be expelled from the pump and into the tank.

Step 1

Place your car in park next to the gas tank. Be sure to park with the gas tank adjacent to the pump.

Step 2

Turn off your vehicle.

Step 3

Trigger the mechanism in your car to open the tank if it has an automatic open switch. This can be a lever or a button, often located near the bottom of the driver's side door. If the car doesn't have a mechanism, get out of your car and pull the tank open. There will be a groove in the gas tank door that lets you use your fingers to pull it open.

Step 4

Unscrew the gas tank. If the cap is not attached to your Toyota, keep it nearby or set it on top of the vehicle so it doesn't become misplaced.

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