The Oklahoma Law for a Third Brake Light

by Jae Chapman
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Modern vehicles have brake lights as part of each taillight. A third brake light is located in the middle of the rear end of the vehicle. Your vehicle's third brake light is required to be in working order in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma Statute 47, Chapter 12, covers the equipment required to be in working order on vehicles in Oklahoma. This includes the third brake light.


If your vehicle model doesn't require a third brake light under U.S. federal law, it is not required in Oklahoma. State law enforcement officers will not consider the third brake light when conducting your vehicle inspection


If your car is newer than model year 1986 -- or 1994 for trucks -- Oklahoma law requires that your vehicle to have a third brake light.

Fun Fact

Third brake lights are also known as "center high-mounted stop lamps." Use this terminology to confuse your friends.

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