How to Take Off Steering Wheels

by Anthony Smith

If you want to replace that old steering wheel on your car with a new one, you first have to remove the old one. This procedure requires a special tool, but anyone with average mechanical skills can remove a steering wheel.

Park the car with the wheels pointed straight ahead. Open the hood and disconnect the positive cable from the battery before you begin to do any work.

Remove the the horn mechanism covering by pulling it away from the steering wheel and removing the screws underneath. If your vehicle has a horn cap, this is removed by pressing down on it and twisting.

Take off the spring-loaded metal plunger and remove the horn wire. You can get the plunger off by pulling it straight out---or by turning the plastic sleeve and then pulling it straight out. Now cut off the horn wire that is on the plastic sleeve.

Remove the retainer clip over the nut on the steering wheel shaft, and use a socket and a ratchet wrench to remove the shaft nut.

Take the steering wheel puller and insert the two bolts through the puller and into the two holes located on the hub of the steering wheel. Then turn the center jacking screw on the puller, and it will pull the steering wheel from the splines on the steering shaft.

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