Where Is the OBD II Port in the Honda Element?

by Richard Ristow
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The OBD-II port in the Honda Element can be found under the steering wheel and to the right. The port is in the open, and it should require no tools to locate.

Using an OBD-II Scanner

A Honda Element's trouble indicator light activates every time the OBD-II system detects a problem. To access these codes, an OBD-II code scanner can be attached to the port. Both the scanner and the Element need to be turned on, so that the two can establish a connection. The scanner will then report all the current trouble codes.

Generic and Manufacturer Codes

Two types of trouble codes will be stored in the Element's diagnostic system. The Society of Automotive engineers has established a generic set of codes that are relevant to all vehicles. Also, Honda will have additional trouble codes for its vehicles. OBD-II scanners come with a users guide that lists the generic codes, but the codes for Honda will have to be looked up (see References).

Data Link Connection

The OBD-II port is also called a data link connection, as it allows for multiple uses. Other diagnostic scanners and hardware can be attached to this port for a link into the Honda Element's diagnostic system as a whole.

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