Nissan Maxima Transmission Shifting Problems

by David McGuffin
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If your Nissan Maxima is experiencing transmission problems, there are only a few repairs you can perform yourself, such as checking and changing the transmission fluid and replacing the transmission filter. Most other automatic transmission problems require specialized tools and the knowledge of a professional mechanic.

Low Fluid Level

Low fluid level can manifest in a number of different problems while your Maxima's automatic transmission is trying to shift. You may hear a buzzing or whining noise coming from your transmission. You may also experience gears slipping and delayed or rough shifting. If the fluid level is too low, your transmission may overheat, which is indicated by a burned-toast smell coming from the fluid.

Missing Gears

One of the signs of potential transmission failure is when you have one or more gears that do not work or only work intermittently. Although this may be caused by low fluid level, it can also be caused by defective vacuum or linkage controls as well as a failure from the internal clutch.

Shift Mechanism Problems

Problems with your shift mechanism can be dangerous to you, your car and other drivers and they are also an indication of problems with your transmission's neutral start switch (also known as neutral safety switch) or the shift linkage connected to the shifting mechanism. If the shift linkage needs an adjustment, you may also notice that the vehicle moves while in park or it may start in gears other than park or neutral.

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