Nissan Altima Window Problems

by WilliamHanz

Nissan manufactures a wide array of beautiful cars, and among them is the Altima. The Nissan Altima is a mid-size car that is ideal for short to medium driving trips, and it is commonly found in cities and suburbs across the country. As a result of it's chic, yet functional design, the Altima is considered to be one of Nissan's luxury sedans, with two and four door models available.

Window Problems

While the Altima boasts beauty, functionality and high reliability, its window controls are sometimes subject to various problems. Most newer models of the Altima use power windows, which are automatic window rollers that work via push button and remote control technology. The main problem with the window controls is that the rollers tend to jam while the windows are being rolled up or down. Since models with power windows are not equipped with manual window rollers, issues of the panes getting stuck typically require professional repair.


Nissan has responded to the power window issue as a design flaw, and because of this, they have provided recalls to Altima owners who are suffering from the said defect. Altima units with defective window regulators can be taken to service centers and have the parts replaced at discounted prices, and sometimes at no cost at all, depending on the particular model and recall. This design flaw has also been a basis for developing newer generations of Altima models, with the most recent units having more functional, reliable window regulators as compared with the older generations.

Consumer Reaction

Though the use of window regulators is highly innovative in terms of technology, the convenience does not make up for the headaches of Altima owners encountering issues. The absence of manual controls can make it difficult to roll the windows up and down according to the passenger's preferences, depending on the configuration of the power windows. In turn, passengers are subject to certain risks such as medical emergencies which could be prevented if they had the ability to manually control the windows.


The Nissan Altima's window regulators are typically repaired by replacing parts as opposed to repairing the existing parts. The costs of repair and replacement services can be moderately expensive, thus owners are recommended to take their cars to Nissan certified service centers so that they can make use of recall discounts related to window issues.


Many car owners attempt to correct issues relating to their automobile's windows by themselves as opposed to taking it in to a service center to be repaired by a certified professional. This is not recommended, as it can potentially void the warranty, as well as worsen the initial problem. Avoid attempting self repair using household objects such as clothing hangers, and call the Nissan hotline with your vehicle's identification number immediately to check for any recalls that have been made.

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