How to View a New Color Before Repainting My Truck?

by Andrea Griffith

Getting a paint job on your truck can make your truck look almost brand new. The paint will cover up old rust spots and small scratches, and give your older truck and quick makeover. However, you want to make sure that you like the color before you paint the entire truck. Instead of getting the whole paint job done (and run the risk of disliking the color) you can test the color to make sure you like it first.

Go to your local auto repair shop and pick out the color that you want to paint your truck in. Many suppliers will have a small sample size that you can purchase.

Dip the tiny paint brush into the sample paint.

Lay on your back under the back of the truck by the bumper.

Apply a very light layer of the paint under the bumper. Allow the paint to dry.

Check out the color, add a second coat if necessary. If you like it, purchase the entire truck paint and begin painting your truck. If not, you can purchase a different color.

If a sample size paint was not available, purchase the regular truck spray paint. In the same spot, under the rear bumper, apply a very light layer of spray paint. Allow several hours to dry.

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