Mustang Mach 460 Speaker Specs

by TS Jordan

The Mach 460 audio system is offered in Ford vehicles such as the Mustang. Understanding the composition of this high-performance audio system allows you to more fully appreciate the value added component of having it as an option in your impending purchase.


The Mustang Mach 460 audio system uses four midrange tweeters, four woofers and three amplifiers for a total wattage of 460, hence the name. It comes with either a cassette deck head unit or a CD player.

Amp Specs

The Mustang Mach 460 uses a high and mid pass amp with a 120-watt maximum capacity and a 60-watt normal capacity. The mid and low pass amps produce 170-watt peak capacity and 85-watt normal capacity. The impedance rate for both is four ohms at 2 percent THD.


The Mustang Mach 460 speakers in the coupe and convertible models uses 2.5-inch speakers in the front for high frequency signals and 5.5-by-7.5 inch speakers in the front for low frequency signals. In the rear, the coupe uses 2.5-inch speakers for high frequency and 5.5-by-7.5 inch speakers for low frequency. The convertible uses 2.5-inch speakers for high frequency and 5.25-inch speakers for low frequency

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