New Process 241C Transfer Case Specifications

by Doug Bennett

The NP241C transfer case was manufactured by the New Process Gear Division of Chrysler. The case was installed in Chevy Blazers, Suburbans and Tahoes from 1987 through 1998. You will find a circular identification plate attached to the rear of the case, in the center.

General Specifications

The NP241C is a medium-duty aluminum unit. It is a part-time transfer case that was produced in both right and left-hand drive versions. The unit features a chain-drive for front output and utilizes a manual shift. The NP241C features a six-bolt configuration that is arranged in a circular, asymmetrical pattern.

Gear Specifications

The NP241C utilizes a direct-drive, one-to-one gear ratio for the high range. A planetary reduction gear system produces a 2.72-to-one gear ratio for the low range.

Input & Output Specifications

The NP241 was manufactured in two distinct input formats. These versions utilized either a 27 or 32-spline female input. The 27-spline version was used with the T350, 4L60E and 700R4 transmissions. The 32-spline model was used with the T400, 4L80E and five-speed transmissions.

The NP241 was equipped with a slip-yoke rear output.

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