Chevrolet Transfer Case Identification

by Doug Bennett
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When repairing or replacing a Chevy transfer case, it is essential that you correctly identify your transfer case. There are 14 transfer case models for Chevy vehicles; however, each has multiple variations. Insure you utilize the tag information and visual identifiers to determine the correct model and variation for your Chevy vehicle.

Transfer Case Manufacturers

There are two general-production manufacturers for U.S. transfer cases: Borg Warner Torque Transfer Systems and New Venture Gear Company, also known as New Process Gear Division of Chrysler. For Chevy models, you will be focusing on New Venture, aka New Process, units.

Transfer Case Tags

Every transfer case has a metal identification tag attached to it. New Venture tags will provide you with the transfer case model number, the vehicle designator, the unit part number, the build date and the low gear ratio.

Visual Identifiers

You will need to note these basic visual identifiers for your transfer case: number of output splines, type of yoke (slip-on or bolt-on), right or left-hand drive, presence of a speedometer drive, type of shift (manual or electric), type and location of switches, number and location of speed sensors, whether it has a live shaft or extension housing and the shift pattern.

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