What Is Muffler Tape?

by Michael Ryan
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Muffler tape is an inexpensive method to repair damage to a muffler that has been dragged on the ground or has rusted through. Muffler tape is not adhesive, instead using the heat of the exhaust system to bond to your current muffler.


Muffler tape should be used to repair your muffler or exhaust system for a short time. You should take your vehicle to a dealership or exhaust specialty shop as soon as possible.


Muffler tape may come in strips that can be wrapped around your exhaust or in a patch kit that requires trimming the tape to the proper size.


Muffler tape can help silence your vehicle quickly, keeping emissions levels down and your vehicle quiet as you drive.


Once you wrap muffler tape around the exhaust, the heat near the muffler will cause the tape to bond to the exhaust system. You may need to add more muffler tape if any falls off or holes in the muffler remain uncovered.

Expert Insight

Muffler tape is not a permanent solution. Vehicles are regularly subjected to extreme temperature changes, and you may find that your muffler tape falls off after only a few days or weeks of use.

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