How to Find the Model Number of a Shoei Motorcycle Helmet

by Cassandra Tribe

Shoei makes both road and off-road motorcycle helmets and offers different accessories and shield options for each type. You will have to know the model number of your Shoei helmet in order to select accessories that will fit it correctly. If you no longer have the box it came in or the manual that was issued with your helmet, you can locate the model number of your Shoei motorcycle helmet easily. Even if you have had your helmet for a while and the numbers have become difficult to read, there is a trick you can use to make reading the model numbers easy.

Step 1

Hold the helmet upside down in your lap.

Step 2

Grasp the chinstrap on the side without D-rings and tilt the helmet to that side. You will see the plastic chinstrap anchor on the inside of the helmet for that side.

Read the model number from the plastic anchor for the chinstrap. It will be stamped on the section of the plastic chinstrap anchor towards the front face of the helmet.


  • If you have difficulty reading the stamped number, lightly rub a white china marker over it. The white of the marker will make the numbers easier to see, and you will be able to wipe the plastic anchor clean afterwards.


  • Do not continue to wear a motorcycle helmet after the helmet has been involved in a crash. The slightest damage to the exterior of the helmet can drastically reduce its ability to protect you in future accidents, so replace the helmet immediately.

Items you will need

  • White china marker (optional)

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