Missouri's Motorcycle Safety Inspection Requirements

by Joe Killian
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Missouri law requires that motorcycles pass a safety inspection performed at an authorized inspection station before being registered. The Missouri Department of Revenue recently changed the vehicle safety inspection requirements, including those for motorcycles. Knowing what is and isn't required will save you time and money as you assemble your documentation for the Motor Vehicle Bureau.


As of January 2010, motorcycles do not need a safety inspection for five years after the year of manufacture. For instance, a 2006 model will not need a safety inspection until 2012, regardless of any change in vehicle ownership.


Motorcycles older than six model years require a safety inspection, which is normally good for two years. Even-year models six years old or more will require a safety inspection in even-numbered years, and odd-year models will be inspected in odd years. The exception to this is an even-year motorcycle with a registration expiring in an odd year or an odd-year motorcycle with expiring registration in an even year, in which case the safety inspection is good for one year and will require the two-year safety inspection the following year.


As of October 2010, Missouri law exempts all motorcycles from emissions inspections.


As with all other vehicle inspections, motorcycles in Missouri must have brakes, horn, wheels, tires and exhaust system in good working order. Most motorcycles come with one headlight and taillight, and these must be in proper working order. If your motorcycle has turn signals, they must work properly.

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