Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist

by Dana Sparks
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It is required by Missouri law that all motor vehicles pass a vehicle safety inspection, performed by an authorized inspection facility. You will know whether your vehicle is due for a safety inspection when you receive your renewal notice from the Department of Revenue. Present the Certificate of Inspection, marked as approved, when you register the vehicle. The safety inspection must be approved less than 60 days prior to registering the vehicle.


The inspector will take a close look at the interior of your car, including the steering wheel, brake pedal, brake warning light, how well the windshield wipers work, mirrors, seat belts, high beam indicator, horn and glass glazing.


The inspector is going to be concerned with the following exterior items on your car: wiper blade condition; rear, signal and brake lights; reflectors, gas filler cap, front lights and inlet restrictor.

Under the Hood

Under the hood your inspector will look at the power steering unit, master cylinder unit, upper control arms and steering components, including tie rods, steering box and strut mounting.


Each vehicle has a maximum height for the front and rear bumpers. The inspector will check to make sure that your car has proper bumper height.

Air Pollution

In order to comply with state air pollution laws, the vehicle inspector will check your auto's air injection system, P.C.V. system, T.A.C. system, spark control, exhaust gas recirculation, oxygen sensor, evaporative emissions system and catalytic converter.


Within the engine, the exhaust system, brake lines and hoses, fuel system, shock absorbers, spring/torsion bar, front wheel/king pin play, idler arm, pitman arm, stabilizer links, lower control arms, wear indicator type and ball joints will each be inspected.

Brake Components

The wheels will be removed and brake components inspected.

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