How Many Miles Should You Run a Car on Synthetic Oil?

by Jay Motes
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Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer Than Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is more resistant to breaking down than conventional oil. This ability to last longer while maintaining its viscosity allows synthetic oils to be used longer in a motor than conventional oil. Manufacturers offer products that they recommend for use of up to 15,000 miles.

Sythetic Oils Still Get Dirty

Regardless of synthetic oil's ability to lubricate, the oil still gets dirty. Particles from burned fuel, metal wear and other contaminants are still picked up by synthetic oil, causing motor wear. Following the car manufacturer's recommendation for oil changes is still good advice for maintaining an automobile.

Bottom Line

Changing oil at regular intervals provides clean motor oil free from damaging contaminants that can reduce engine life. The car manufacturer's recommended oil change frequency already takes into account the extended life of synthetic oil. Following these guidelines should assure a long life of service from your automobile.

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