Who Manufactures Infiniti Automobiles?

by Kelli Coats

Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation manufactures Infiniti automobiles. Infiniti is a luxury line of performance automobiles. The brand's main headquarters are located in Franklin, Tennessee.


Infiniti promotes a quality, performance-based luxury car ideology that encompasses more than the vehicle. The purchasing and ownership process are also included in what Infiniti calls the "Infiniti Total Ownership Experience."


The front badge on each vehicle is a symbolic design of the four "I"s found in the name "Infiniti." The name "Infiniti" represents the company vision of always looking ahead.


In 1987, Infiniti began with two models: the Q45 luxury sedan and the M30 sports coupe. As of November 2009, Infiniti produces seven models, including sedans, SUVs and sports cars.


Infiniti promotes using advanced technology in the design of its vehicles. Three main points of this technology include self-repairing paint, low emissions with high engine torque and keys that hold personal settings, such as seat height and adjustment of the steering wheel.


The Infiniti design idea began in 1985. Manufacturing of the vehicles began in 1987. On November 8, 1989, the official sales of Infiniti automobiles began at 51 auto dealerships across America. As of November 2009, more than 230 Infiniti dealerships exist worldwide.

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