How to Make a Golf Cart Street Legal

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In this time of rising gas prices at the pump, people are considering alternate methods of transportation that are not only convenient, but do not require much fuel to run. The modest vehicle that had been confined to the golf course is growing in popularity as a regular method of transportation. Learn how to make a golf cart all the more versatile by making it street legal.

Choose a golf cart. These can be found locally, or by going online. Makes include Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-Go, and more. You can also purchase custom carts through Luxury Carts and Edds Golf Carts. You can choose between electric-powered and gas-powered golf carts.

Consider buying a used golf cart, and then look in the classifieds, golf courses near you, or on line at sites such as Craigslist, eBay, Valley View Golf Carts, or Carolina Golf Carts.

Learn about the regulations concerning road legal vehicles by going to the site of Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety or the city or town hall where you live.

Purchase and install the items needed to make your golf cart legal according to the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety regulations. These include headlamps, turn signal lamps for the front and rear, tail lamps, a red reflex reflector on each side of the cart that extends from the front to the rear, mounted exterior mirrors on driver and passenger sides, a parking brake, and windshield with sticker "ASI", seat belts. Buy the items by going to a local auto parts store, or by going online to sites like Lincoln Golf or LVS Golf Cart Parts.

Add the warning label. Golf carts require a warning label that's easily seen by the driver that reads: "WARNING: This vehicle must not be operated on public roads at a speed more than 25-mph."


  • Always obey the regulations according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and your locality.
  • Always obey the rules of the road.

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