How to Make an Electric Club Car Golf Cart Go Faster

by Matthew Fortuna
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Golf carts used to be exclusively seen on the golf courses and country clubs. They used to be all gas-powered and rather slow. Today, however, club cars are becoming increasingly electric and are common features on large estates, amusement parks, malls and a variety of other locations. While you cannot adjust the governor on an electric cart, there are steps you can take to make your electric club car run faster, whether on the course or off of it.

Step 1

Use a soapy solution to wash the cart, including the tires. Be sure to remove all of the dirt and debris between the wheels. This will allow your cart to run more quickly with less interference.

Step 2

Remove the seat of your cart and be sure that all internal wires are plugged in tightly and securely so that they are running and operating at their most optimum.

Step 3

Be sure that no connections are limiting the movement of the gas pedal. There may be an extra level that is stopping the pedal from being depressed all the way, which can be removed with a wrench.

Step 4

Make sure that the tires are filled to their most optimum level. These can be filled at a gas station like your car.

Step 5

Remove any extra accessories, racks, clubs or unnecessary items to reduce the weight of the cart and allow it to move faster.

Step 6

Replace your tires with larger ones. This will allow the same number of revolutions per minute to cover more ground, as the larger tires will move the cart faster.

Step 7

Replace the engine with a higher powered one for a significant speed increase. This is best left to a professional mechanic.

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