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How to Use Dodge Truck Parking Brakes

by Daniel Valladares

The parking brakes on your Dodge truck are useful when you are parked on a slope or hill and want an added safety mechanism for the vehicle. Using the parking brake is fairly simple, as a single lever will engage them. In order to release them, you simply pull the lever again. It takes only a few seconds to engage or disengage the parking brakes.

Step 1

Turn the engine of the truck off and locate the parking-brake pedal, which is below the lower left corner of the dashboard/instrument cluster.

Step 2

Press down with your foot on the parking-brake pedal. The instrument cluster's red brake-warning light will turn on to indicate that the parking brake has been applied.

Pull the parking-brake release handle to release the brake. The brake release handle is located just above the parking-brake pedal and just below the lower left corner of the dashboard.


  • Always turn the front wheels toward the curb and apply the parking brake when parking your Dodge truck on a downhill slope.


  • Make sure that you press the parking-brake pedal all the way down to prevent any accidental rolling of your vehicle.
  • Be sure the parking brake is fully disengaged before operating your vehicle.

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