How to Make a Fake IV Bag

by Chelsea Hoffman
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An IV bag adds to the authenticity of a medical-themed costume or themed decor scheme. Instead of obtaining expensive IV bags from a medical supply store, make your own at home with only a few materials.

Step 1

Cut out two rectangular strips of clear or opaque garden plastic. Make these rectangles in a size that mirrors the size of the IV bag you want.

Step 2

Squeeze a line of hot glue along three edges of one of the rectangular plastic segments. Leave one segment free of glue. Layer the second segment of plastic over the first evenly, pressing the edges firmly. This creates a pouch. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Turn the plastic pouch right-side-out, hiding the rough seams of the glued edges on the inside of the pouch. Glue the free edge closed, leaving about 1 inch opened for inserting the tube later.

Step 4

Snip a length of clear rubber tubing measuring 1 foot.

Step 5

Fill the IV bag with a red liquid, such as water with food coloring in it. Squeeze a liberal amount of hot glue onto one end of the rubber tube. Insert the tube into the opening of the IV bag and squeeze the bag around it firmly, sealing it.

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