How to Remove a Glove Box in a Tahoe

by Russell Wood

The glove box in a Chevrolet Tahoe is made to hold anything you want, but most of the time it holds the registration and owner's manual. Behind the glove box, though, is the blower motor, and sometimes, to get access to the internal components, it's easier to remove the glove box entirely.

Step 1

Install a 1/8-inch metal drill bit into the drill. Locate the two rivets at the bottom of the glove box that holds the box hinge to the dashboard. Drill a 1/8-inch hole through the middle of each rivet using the drill.

Step 2

Install a 1/4-inch metal drill bit into the drill. Drill through the rivets again. If necessary, step up another size and continue drilling until the heads of the rivets come off. Then you can pull the bottom of the hinge off the dashboard using your hands.

Step 3

Open the glove box and hold it open with one hand. There are two plastic stops on the sides of the interior of the glove box, which catch the box on the dashboard so it will stay open.

Step 4

Pull the plastic panel on the right side of the glove box towards the middle of the glove box, so that you're flexing the plastic stop away from the dashboard.

Step 5

Once the plastic stop is free, pull the glove box out of the dashboard.

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