How to Make a Custom Fake Turbo

by Erin Moseley

A turbo is a style of car that represents speed and power. Many makes and models of cars offer optional turbo styles. Car enthusiasts can spend a lot of money on upgrades to achieve that special turbo feel. If you want to impress but don't have the money, a few modifications to your existing vehicle can make it look hotter. Fix up your car with fake gadgets that look like the real thing. Then take it for a spin and watch the heads turn as you whiz by.

Step 1

Purchase real functioning parts like spoilers at auto dealers, auto parts stores or online suppliers. Throw in a leather steering wheel cover or a fuzzy leopard fabric one.

Step 2

Attach fake parts like hood scoops, horns and flaming exhaust pipes. Aim to present an authentic turbo appearance or create an outrageous look. Get an oversize hood scoop that will make your car appear as if it has more power than a real turbocharged vehicle of its size. Glue on hood scoops to the right or left of center, or create a new spot closer to the front. Use epoxy or similar appropriate glue recommended by the manufacturer. Attach a large fake flaming exhaust pipe in place of the real one. You can get horns that makes loud rumbling turbo noises.

Step 3

Accessorize with a set of mud flaps emblazoned with the word "Turbo." Plaster assorted decals on windows and windshields that boldly state that your car is turbocharged and include oil or additive decals announcing products that keep your car fit. Get a sticker that shows some impressive turbo numbers and paste it near the driver's side door. Apply sleek racing stripes along the body of the car.

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