How to Make a Car Quiet

by Heather Topham Wood

If you have a loud vehicle, you may want to find ways to make it quieter. You could crave the noise reduction as a way to hear your sound system better or to avoid annoying the neighbors when you pull your car into the driveway. Different parts of the car create noise, and you can do several things in order to make the car quiet.

Step 1

Buy insulation to install in different areas of your car. Insulation can reduce the noise that comes from various areas of the vehicle. You can find automotive insulation sheeting manufactured through Sport Compact Only (see Resources below). This particular type is foil backing.

Step 2

Cut the insulation to cover different areas of your car. Spots that you should use the insulation on are rear wheel wells, the trunk and behind the rear seats.

Step 3

Apply the insulation and attach the different sheets by using aluminum tape or an adhesive spray.

Step 4

Consider a firewall insulator. A firewall insulator is another insulating product that can be used to make your car quieter. This fits directly over the engine and firewall and also provides heat protection. You can buy the specific type for your vehicle through Quiet Ride Solutions (see Resources below). Because the insulator will be different for each car type, the manufacturer will provide exact installation instructions upon purchase.

Step 5

Add foam underneath the hood of your car. This provides insulation in order to reduce noise that comes from the engine compartment. Another good place to add foam is behind your license plates; this is another area that can create a lot of noise by vibrating when in motion.

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