Lucerne Brake Problems

by Horacio Garcia
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Since the Buick Lucerne was introduced in 2006, it has been a reliable vehicle, according to Edmunds. The Lucerne does have three recalls for minor problems, but as of October 2010 there is no recall for brake problems. But the brakes have caused some problems for Lucerne owners because of standard wear and tear on the vehicle.

StabiliTrak Stays On

Buick Lucerne owners complain about the brake's StabiliTrak light remaining on even after being reprogrammed by the dealership. According to Car Complaints, one owner has heard noises coming from the brakes when they are applied, but no malfunction with those brakes have been found by the dealership. The sensor that controls the StabiliTrak can prematurely go out and can easily be replaced by the dealership when the vehicle is under warranty. This module sensor replacement has corrected the problem with the StabiliTrak light.

Brake Pad Wear

The Lucerne can have brake problems as the pads begin to wear. This wear is due to normal operation, and a squeaking sound or scratching sound can be heard when the pads are nearing time for replacement. If the brake shoes are not replaced, the shoes will begin to cut into the rotors of the antilock braking system (ABS), causing more damage to the brakes. This damage can cause the brakes to drag, which can overheat the brakes and warp the rotors.

Calipers Misaligned

The Lucerne has brake problems when the calipers are misaligned after brake pad replacement. Calipers press the brake pads against the rotors, causing the Lucerne to stop. If the calipers on the Lucerne are more difficult to install properly and can easily be misaligned when reinstalled, the car will begin to jerk or vibrate upon braking. This vibration is created because the brake pads are not making even contact with the rotors because the calipers are not seated evenly. This misalignment of the calipers of the Lucerne creates heat, causing the rotors to overheat and warp more often on this Buick than other models. The calipers need to be removed and then reseated properly, which aligns the brake pads evenly around the rotors.

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