Troubleshooting a Mercedes Benz the With Brake Light Staying on

by Katebo
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If the brake light comes on in your Mercedes Benz, you might think you need new brakes. It's very possible that you might not need brakes at all. It might just be a simple fix to get the light to go out. You can troubleshoot your Mercedes with a few steps and maybe save a trip to the brake repair shop.

Step 1

Park your vehicle and set the emergency brake.

Step 2

Turn the key to the "on" position where you will see all the lights come on the dashboard. Release the emergency brake and see if the light goes out. Repeat setting the brake and releasing the brake a few times. Sometimes the switch on the emergency brake will get stuck and cause the brake light to stay on.

Step 3

Lift the hood on your Mercedes and locate the brake fluid container. The brake fluid container will be near the driver's side rear firewall. The container will be labeled "brake fluid."

Step 4

Remove the cap on the brake fluid container and look at the level. Make sure that the brake fluid is full. If you have low brake fluid, the brake light will stay on.

Step 5

Look at all the electrical connections around the brake fluid container. Make sure that a wire has not fallen off or a connection unhooked. If you have an electrical wire that has fallen off, it will cause the light to stay on.

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