Common Problems with the Toyota Echo Car

by Faith Davies
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The Echo is a compact car that was produced by Toyota from 1999 to 2005. The model was popular due to its low cost and fuel efficiency, but over the years, a few common problems with the car have emerged.

Brake Recalls

Toyota has placed recalls on the brake master cylinders of 2000 Echos because they could leak brake fluid or allow air in. There was also a later recall of Echos produced in 2001 and 2002 because of a problem with snow building up in the rear tire and damaging the brake line.

Other Brake Problems

There have been many reports about the performance of brake boosters on Echos. This led to drivers needing to apply extra pressure to the brake pedal.


Some Toyota Echos were installed with faulty mass air flow sensors. Affected cars can have delayed response times to acceleration or continually have their "check engine" lights illuminated.

Controls and Seatbelts

The knob that controls how much heat or air blows into the car has been reported difficult to turn in some model years. Also, the device that prevents a seat belt from being overextended can easily come off on a Toyota Echo.


On some early models, the covers of the wheels were noisy. Some drivers reported clicking and chirping.

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