How to Look Up VIN Numbers on the JCB Excavator

by Ashley Hay

J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited manufactures a wide variety of equipment for construction projects. Every JCB Excavator has a unique number printed on it for individual identification, either a Vehicle Identification Number or a serial number. If you are purchasing a used JCB Excavator, you should look up the VIN or serial number before you buy it to check the vehicle's history. This will allow you to see if the vehicle was stolen or has been involved in an accident that caused serious damage. Looking up the information only takes a few minutes and can save a lot of hassle.

Step 1

Copy your JCB Excavator's VIN or serial number exactly as printed on your equipment. The location of the numbers depends on the model of JCB Excavator and is described in the owner's manual.

Step 2

Visit a website that is capable of looking up VINs or equipment serial numbers, such as Equipment Watch, Used Vehicle Check or Most VIN look-up websites are free, but depending on the exact information you are looking for, some may charge fees.

Step 3

Type in your JCB Excavator's VIN or serial number exactly as you see it printed on your equipment and then direct the website to "Search" the number.

Step 4

Review the search results and information presented for your JCB Excavator.

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